CertainTeed Architectural Shingle in Anderson SC

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    Ridge Vent Attic Ventilation

    Ridge Vent Attic Ventilation. A roof that breathes is shown to perform better and last longer. In combination with intake vents, Ridge Vents allow air to flow on the underside of your roof deck, keeping the attic cooler in the summer and drier in the winter. 

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    Water Proofing Underlayment

    Water Proofing Underlayment. The first step in your defense against the elements. Self-adhering underlayment is installed at vulnerable areas of your roof to help prevent leaks from wind-driven rain and ice dams. 

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    Water Resistant Underlayment

    Water Resistant Underlayment. It provides a protective layer over the roof decks and is a secondary barrier against leaks. 

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    Starter Shingles

    Starter Shingles. Starter shingles are the first course of shingles installed and designed to work in tandem with the roof shingles above for optimal shingle sealing and performance. 

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    Hip and Ridge Caps

    Hip and Ridge Caps. Available in numerous profiles, these accessories are used on the roof's hip and ridge lines for a distinctive finish touch to your new roof. 

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    Architectural Shingle

    Architectural Shingle. Choose from various good, better, and best styles to complement any roof design and fit your budget. 

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