Certified Professional Roofing Anderson SC

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    Insurance Claims and Adjuster Meetings

    During our initial roof inspection, we will advise you on claimable damages to your roof that your insurance provider may cover. We do all the heavy lifting when it comes to your insurance claim. All you have to do is call and schedule an appointment with your insurance provider. When your adjuster comes out for their inspection, we will meet with them on your behalf and ensure nothing is left out or skimmed over. We make filing your insurance claim a walk in the park from start to finish. 

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    Roof Repair

    Roof repairs and tune-ups are essential for the life and duration of your roof. Routine inspections by a professional roofer could save you tons of money in the long run. We can identify problem areas and current issues you may be having. We formulate a plan to correct your roofing issues and then execute it. Most of our repairs are minor and can even be financed! 

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    Roof Installs and New Construction Installs

    A new roof install will consist of removing all old roofing material to roof decking (assuming decking is good) and replacing it with all new underlayment, ice and water (where needed), architectural shingles, pipe boots, and exhaust boots. A fresh construction install will involve a similar process, but there will be no old material to tear off and dispose of. The building framers will already have decking installed, so we will simply install all components of the new roof. 

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    Seamless Gutter

    Seamless Gutter installs are another of our specialties. We have a particular machine that shapes and cuts gutter metal so we can build gutters on the spot. We offer a variety of color options as well as cover options. Our workmanship and gutter metal warranty back our seamless gutter installations. We provide our clients with the opportunity to finance their gutter systems with simple finance options.

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    Chimney Services

    Chimney Services are something we do regularly. We may be asked to remove a chimney or seal a chimney. Other times we will replace a chimney cap or re-mortar the chimney. No matter what service is needed, our specialists are standing by to assist. 

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