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Missing Shingles Free Roof Inspection in Anderson, SC. We often get calls regarding missing shingles after a rain or wind storm. If left uncorrected, missing shingles on your roof can lead to much larger and more expensive issues. Shingles provide a solid defense against the elements for your roof decking and everything inside the home. Ignoring missing shingles would be like ignoring your seatbelt, knowing that anything could happen while driving down the road. Weather can be just as unpredictable as traffic. Why not protect your home and its contents in the same way? Wearing your seatbelt costs nothing, just like our free comprehensive roof inspections. Make sure you are ready for whatever comes next! We’d love to come out and provide a free roof inspection and update you on the condition of your roof! Call us today at 864-481-9332 Certified Professional Roofing

Missing Shingles, Free Roof Inspection in Anderson

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    Missing Shingles and Exposed Nail Fasteners in Anderson SC
    Image of missing shingles in anderson sc
    Several missing or detached shingles in anderson sc. When shingles aren’t installed correctly, they may sag, droop, fall off, or blow away. When this happens, you are left with exposed decking and underlayment and exposed fasteners. Water can easily penetrate unprotected surfaces and damage your framing, structure, interior, and personal belongings. A free roof inspection from Certified Professional Roofing. Call today 864-481-9332
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    Roof Exhaust Vents Should Be Maintained Regularly
    Image of Exhaust vent on roof
    Exhaust vents should be maintained regularly due to sealant/caulk cracking and drying out. A regular roof inspection will tell you precisely what you need to do. Call Certified Professional Roofing today at 864-481-9332
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    Exposed Underlayment Should Be Addressed As Soon As Possible
    Image of missing shingles on roof
    Exposed underlayment should be addressed as soon as possible. Our team of specialists is more than happy to tell you if you have any concerns regarding any portions of your roof, attic, or gutter systems. We also specialize in chimney services and skylight services. Certified Professional Roofing 864-481-9332



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    Exposed Fasteners and Underlayment
    Image of Missing Shingles in Anderson SC
    Exposed Fasteners and Underlayment. It may seem that the roof decking is still covered and will be okay, but this is not true. Exposed fasteners allow water to enter your decking and home, causing leaks. Underlayment is insufficient to protect your home, decking, and everything inside. You must be completely covered to protect your investments and belongings. Call today for your free inspection. Certified Professional Roofing. 864-481-9332
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