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Image of Local Roofer replacing roof for insurance claim with architectural shingles


Local roofers install architectural shingles as part of a insurance claim for storm damage. For this project, CPR used Atlas Pinnacle Pristine Architectural Shingles that come with a lifetime warranty on the shingle and against staining, streaking, or algae growth. Certified Professional Roofing services the entire upstate of SC as well as portions of GA and NC.

Local Roofers Install Architectural Shingles for Insurance Claim in FairPlay SC

  1. 1
    FairPlay SC Insurance Claim Roof Replacement, Chimney Services

    Image of certified professional roofing completing insurance claim roof replacement as well as chimney service
    This insurance claim roof replacement also included services for the chimney. Certified Professional Roofing offers both Chimney and Skylight Services.

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  2. 2
    Ridge Vent Replacement, Insurance Claim FairPlay SC. Local Roofers

    Local Roofers remove old ridge vent and replace with all new material
    Ridge vent was covered under this homeowners policy so we remove all the old material and replace with completely new and updated materials.

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  3. 3
    Skylight Services, FairPlay SC Insurance Roof Replacement by Local Roofers

    Image of certified Professional Roofing completing insurance claim roof replacement.
    We specialize in all things roofing and are proud to say that we can also handle your skylight and chimney needs as well. For this insurance roof replacement, Certified Professional Roofing removed the old skylights and their flashing kits, and replaced with completely new skylights and skylight flashing kits.

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    Certified Professional Roofing, FairPlay SC Roof Replacement Storm Damage

    Image of certified professional roofing crew member removing old roofing materials from roof
    At certified professional roofing, our crew works very hard to provide excellent service, top quality workmanship, and products and materials that we stand behind

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    Local Roofer Completes Insurance Claim Roof Replacement in FairPlay SC

    Image of roof replacement for insurance claim in FairPlay SC by Certified Professional Roofing
    This project was completed by the atlas pinnacle pristine architectural shingles. The shingles come with a lifetime warranty on the shingle as well as against staining, streaking, algae growth. For your free roof inspection” with simple finance options call us today at 864-481-9332 or visit www.RoofingUpstateSC.com

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