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Image of Roof Replacement in Seneca SC

Roof Replacement Skylight Replacement in Seneca SC

  1. 1
    Exhaust Vents
    Image of Pipe Boot Installation in Seneca SC
    Exhaust vents get special attention since they come through open holes in your roof. Our specialists take extra care when installing pipe boots for your exhaust vents. Certified Professional Roofing specializes in Insurance Claims, Roof Replacements, Roof Repairs, Roofing Emergencies, Skylight and Chimney Services, Seamless Gutters, and More. Call for your FREE roof inspection today. 864-481-9332
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    Underlayment and Ice/Water Barrier
    Image of Exhaust Vent
    Underlayment and Ice/Water Barrier ensure maximum protection around the bathroom exhaust vent.
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    Exhaust Vents Prepped To Be Shingled
    Image of Roof Replacement Exhaust Vent in Anderson SC
    Additional photos of exhaust vents that are prepped to be shingled around.
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    Replacing Skylights Seneca SC
    Image of Skylight Replacement in Seneca SC
    Replacing Skylights Seneca SC. Our Specialists replaced older model skylights with newer ones and installed new flashing kits.
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