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Image of Bare Roof Deck in Anderson SC

Most damage to your roof will go unseen until everything has been removed down to the bare decking. It is essential to have routine roof inspections and attic inspections to prevent extensive damage to your roof, home, and property. Certified Professional Roofing specializes in Insurance Claims, Roof Replacements, Roof Repairs, Roofing Emergencies, Skylight and Chimney Services, Seamless Gutters, and More. Call for your FREE roof inspection today. 864-481-9332

Roof Leak and Roof Repairs in Anderson SC

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    Roof Decking That Needs To Be Replaced
    Image of Damaged Roof Decking in Anderson SC
    This portion of roof decking will need to be replaced to ensure a solid nail-able surface.
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    Larger Damaged Area
    Image of Damaged Roof Decking in Anderson
    A larger damaged area will need to be addressed and replaced. This is something your roofer wouldn’t see from simply walking your roof.
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  3. 3
    Extensive Damage and Leaking
    Image of Damaged Decking on Roof in Anderson SC
    Extensive Damage and leaking are unknown to the customer until shingles and underlayment are removed completely.
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    Regular and Routine Roof Inspections
    Image of Damaged Roof Decking in Anderson SC
    Regularly and routine roof inspections will address nail pops, defective pipe boots, and aged sealant used for your roof. When these things go unnoticed for too long, this could be the extent of the damages.
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