Removing Shingles from Roof in Anderson SC

  1. 1
    Multiple Layers of Shingles
    Image of Shingles being removed from roof in anderson sc
    Multiple layers of shingles require more time and effort to remove. We specialize in insurance claims, roof replacements, emergencies, roof repairs, seamless gutters, chimneys, skylights, and more. For your FREE roof inspection, call Certified Professional Roofing at 864-481-9332
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  2. 2
    Water Damaged Decking
    Image of Damaged Decking on Roof in Anderson
    Water-damaged decking that otherwise wouldn’t be is seen during inspection until after the project begins and everything is removed.
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  3. 3
    New Roof Decking
    Image of Cleared Deck in Anderson SC
    Roof decking was cleaned and cleared of old roofing materials.
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