Roof Tuneup, Roof Repair, And Routine Roof Maintenance In Anderson SC

  1. 1
    Old Pipe Boot Causes Roof Leak

    Image of old pipe boot
    Over time the rubber pipe boots and the sealant used on your fasteners will deteriorate due to exposure to the elements. This causes roof leaks and roof damage to your home. Typically by the time you see a roof leak from this, it will require additional work such as new decking for example. Call Certified Professional Roofing today for your FREE comprehensive roof inspection and consultation with our local upstate roofers in Anderson SC.

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  2. 2
    Roof Repair For Damaged Decking Caused By Leaking Pipe Boot

    image of damaged roof decking
    Damaged roof decking from a leaking pipe boot. The decking around the pipe boot must be replaced with new decking now. We also replaced the pipe boot and sealed with new sealant.  A thorough roof inspection at the right time may have prevented this from happening. 

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  3. 3
    Roof Repair - Rotten Decking and Rotten Rafters in Anderson SC

    image of rotten rafter and decking for a house roof

    This is the after math of a roof leak gone unnoticed for too long. Here you see rotten decking, rotten rafters, and more. Our team of local upstate roofers specialize in repairs like this. This also, could have been avoided had there been a roof inspection or roof tuneup early on. Call our local upstate roofers for a free comprehensive roof inspection. Certified Professional Roofing 864-481-9332

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  4. 4
    Missing or Damaged Shingles

    image of damaged ridge vent on roof
    Damaged and missing shingles also need to be addressed to protect your roof decking and prevent leaks. Your shingle could be damaged by long term exposure to the sun and elements. It may have been impacted by something like hail or a fallen tree or limb. In most cases, we find that missing or blown off shingles are simply a result of improper installation and nailing too high. 

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  5. 5
    Ridge Vent

    image of damaged ridge vent on roof

    Ridge vent is a air exhaust vent that is usually cut into the peak of a roof to allow hot air to ventilate. The vent will be covered with a plastic or metal covering (covered with special shingles) that allows the air to vent while preventing rain from entering the home.

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