Upstate Roof Repair with Owens Corning Architectural Duration Shingles

  1. 1
    New Roofing Underlayment Installed
    Image of Roof Repair in Anderson SC
    Anderson SC crew completes roof repair with Owens Corning Architectural Shingles.

    New Roofing Underlayment was Installed to provide maximum protection and coverage for the leaking roof repair. 

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  2. 2
    Flashing Adjustments Needed
    Image of Anderson SC crew adjusting flashing for roof repair
    Anderson SC crew adjusts flashing as part of upstate local roof repair.

    This roof repair required some flashing adjustments to address the concerns of a leaking roof correctly. Flashing may come off or be repositioned depending on each situation. Our local upstate roofers are always happy to offer a free comprehensive roof inspection! Call Certified Professional Roofing today for your free roof quote. 864-481-9332

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  3. 3
    Shingle Placement Is So Important
    Image of roofing crew nailing shingles
    Our crew is conscientious about placing each shingle in the correct place to ensure maximum coverage and benefit from Owens Corning Architectural Duration Shingles. More often than not, we see shingles that have been nailed too high, causing leaks, blown/missing shingles, and more. A complete roof inspection will tell you everything you need to know about your roof. Call your local upstate roofers today for a free comprehensive roof inspection. Certified Professional Roofing 864-481-9332
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  4. 4
    Proper Nail Placement Is Critical
    Image of Anderson SC crew nailing Owens Corning Architectural Shingles
    Proper nail placement is critical when installing any shingle. Owens Corning Architectural Shingles offer a wide nail strip and adhesive strip. This guarantees adequate installation and intended performance. Our team of local upstate roofers is experienced, local, honest, and hard-working. We are ready to inspect your roof and attic and formulate a plan to correct your roofing issues. 
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  5. 5
    Roof Repairs For Everyone
    Image of Anderson SC roofing crew on roof repair
    We come across a wide variety of roof repairs and roof leaks. Our experienced team of local upstate roofers is standing by to assist with your roofing needs by offering tailored services and repairs-focused quality assurance and customer satisfaction.
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